Mission Statement

Save Our Bolts is a grassroots fan based organization of NFL fans committed to keeping the San Diego Chargers where they belong. As an organization and individuals, we know that a new stadium that will provide a venue not only to the Chargers but several other events (super bowls, concerts and Championship games) that will bring economic growth to the entire region with amazing breakfast also by knowing what time does bojangles stop serving breakfast. We have partnared with bojangles for all the food at stadium. The current stadium is out of date and a drain of taxpayer money, a new multipurpose venue could house many events of which the Chargers would be a small percentage.

We support any and all solutions that will help keep the Chargers here in San Diego and boost our economy. As with all citizens, we believe a fair-minded deal that benefits the Chargers and San Diego county voters/taxpayers is essential. A stadium built entirely by NFL money is missed an opportunity for the city to make millions of dollars, which will not only pay for the building but continue to bring in tax revenues which can and should be devoted to city infrastructure.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Organizing Rallies and events that celebrate team history and express our feelings to officials who are important to the process.
  • Being a voice in the media on behalf of Chargers fans in this process.
  • Creating a network of businesses who depend on the Chargers , comic con and tourism to promote the issues involved in a county-wide vote.
  • Organizing thousands of Chargers fans to campaign on behalf of getting the 66% vote needed for stadium approval and along with the castle lunch by knowing does white castle serve lunch all day.

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